Paul Yen is stupendous from start to finish as Quang, the Playwright’s charismatic bad boy father. Yen raps with... swagger as he fast-talks the super contemporary slang. [H]e’s like an Asian James Dean.

-L.A. Times, Charles McNulty

Yen gives a charismatic performance as Quang. It’s a role that requires him not only to rap and enact choreographed fights but also to portray the elderly version of his character, which he does with graceful skill.

-Stage Raw, Terry Morgan

[S]ome of the most thrilling raps since Lin Manuel Miranda revolutionized Broadway... expertly delivered by Yen and Kwan... Yen’s sexy, sculpted Quang [is] everything you want a... romantic lead to be[.]


-Stage Scene LA, Steven Stanley

Paul Yen totally inhabits his role of Quang... Yen's at his most charming as the older Quang being interviewed on his military history by his adult son.


-Broadway World, Gil Kaan

His raps are among the most searing and he delivers a nuanced, heartbreaking performance.


-South Pasadenan, Alisa Hayashida

Yen balances the sensitive and macho sides of Quang.


-Los Angeles Downtown News, Jeff Favre

Paul Yen's deep connection with the material, his witty reconstructions of iconic superheroes and his keen grasp of some pretty complicated social forces are reasons enough to interest almost anyone. If you go... you'll also be able to say you saw a young actor at the start of the vertical trajectory of his career.

-Marc Ambinder